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International Trading

  • Sourcing out manufacturers and connecting them with buyers
  • Placing orders with the manufacturers overseas
  • Concluding contracts between direct suppliers and buyers
  • Purchasing goods from the manufacturers worldwide
  • Factory audit and quality control
  • Organising logistics when the goods are purchased: goods pickup from the manufacturer’s factory, preparing and handling shipping documents, delivery to the port/airport of dispatch, organising transportation to Russia and the CIS, providing services in customs clearance
  • Goods delivery directly to the buyer’s warehouse
Your orders please send to info@atgl.ru  or call +7 495 669 5538

Plan of our work with your cargo transportation

You place your request for cargo transportation

You put together your preliminary shipment request, indicating main details and contact information so that we can get in touch with you, then you send it to us using e-mail, or our on-line shipment enquiry form.

Processing your transportation request

Our specialists contact you to confirm your request and clarify all the necessary details. Then we elaborate an optimal plan of cargo transportation, which suits your requirements; calculate the cost and exact date of delivery.

Shipping your transportation order

You get an estimate for transportation, insurance and customs clearance. You confirm the date and cargo location. From this point on we carry full responsibility for the process of transportation, prompt delivery and the safety of your cargo.