Who transports your cargo?

Our staff is a team of professionally trained specialists in the field of logistics. We speak your language which makes our communication more comfortable and understandable.

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How do we transport your cargo?

All Trans Global offers freight forwarding services by all modes of transport in package with customs services, operating its activity in Russia and the CIS as well as all over the world.

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How do you transport your cargo with us?

In order to use our service, you can contact us either by phone, e-mail or our on-line shipment enquiry form, and one of our specialists will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Where can I find the list of documents required for the customs clearance?

You can learn about the list of documents required for the customs clearance by calling us or sending an e-mail with your inquiry. Our team members will provide you with all the necessary information regarding this matter.

Why is it important to follow “Green light” system?

It is for your own benefit to have all the proper documentation done in order to avoid additional charges and difficulties at the time of customs clearance. 

Are my airfreight charges based on the actual weight of the cargo only?

IATA regulations state that the cost of airfreight must be calculated on the "chargeable" weight. IATA defines the "chargeable weight" as the actual gross weight and the volume weight, whichever is greater.

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Our main area of business is cargo transportation by air, sea, or land, using “door-to-door” delivery approach, along with full package of services in customs clearance. A strong network of agents and partners throughout the world allows us to handle any type of cargo and, thereby, to satisfy all of the customer’s requests.


International Airfreight - currently, transportation by air is the fastest way to deliver goods throughout the world. It can take only one day for a cargo to be transported from any place in the world to the destination airport. This type of freight is the most effective when you need to get your shipment to be delivered just in time.


Seafreight - sea mode of transport is most popular when transporting in intercontinental directions. It is typical for sea freight to be reliable and have a fairly low price. However, it should be noted that it is one of the longest by its delivery time.


International Road Freight - delivery directly from the shipper’s warehouse to the one of consignee without transitional transfers, and an option to choose a volume- and capacity-optimal truck are incontestable advantages of road transport. On the territory of the Russian Federation road shipments for the distance of up to 3000 kilometres are considered to be the most effective.  They are notable for low prices and predictable times of delivery. Road transportation allows speeding up funds turnover which makes it popular, especially for small and medium businesses.


Rail Freight - primarily, rail transport is used for long-distance transportation of large cargoes as well as transportations to the regional areas, which don’t have well developed network of highways, like the northern part of Russia, the Far East and Siberia. It is the cheapest and reliable mode of transport, and it doesn’t depend on weather.


Multimodal Transportation - it is the transportation of goods under a single contract but performed with at least two different modes of transport. At the same time, the carrier is liable for the entire carriage even though it is performed with several different modes of transport. The method reduces cargo handling, damages and loss, improves security, and may allow freight to be transported faster.


Customs Clearance Services - full assistance in cargo customs clearance at all airports of Moscow, such as Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, as well as at the airports throughout the Russian Federation. We also offer services in cargo customs clearance at the major seaports and customs stations of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.


Bonded Delivery - organization of cargo delivery in customs transit by land and by air all over Russia and the CIS countries. We provide full support and document preparation throughout the whole period of cargo transportation.


Project Logistics - work with cargoes of global dimension with special characteristics, like heavy equipment, oversized cargo, cargoes with temporary restrictions and special safety requirements at the time of transportation, cargo shipment to isolated and hard-to-get-to places.



All Trans Global Ltd also offers a range of additional services, which can be adjusted according to your requests and desires:


Charter Freight

Warehouse Services

River Freight

Door-to-Door Delivery

LCL/LTL Services

Transportation of Personal Effects, Valuable Cargoes

Module Movements

Dangerous Goods Transportation

Packing Services

Exhibition Freight Handling

Visa Support

Shipment Insurance

And other services upon your request

Plan of our work with your cargo transportation 
You place your request for cargo transportation 

You put together your preliminary shipment request, indicating main details and contact information so that we can get in touch with you, then you send it to us using e-mail, or our on-line shipment enquiry form.

Processing your transportation request

Our specialists contact you to confirm your request and clarify all the necessary details. Then we elaborate an optimal plan of cargo transportation, which suits your requirements; calculate the cost and exact date of delivery.  

Shipping your transportation order

You get an estimate for transportation, insurance and customs clearance. You confirm the date and cargo location. From this point on we carry full responsibility for the process of transportation, prompt delivery and the safety of your cargo.